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What you should know about becoming an EMT

In order to become an EMT, you are required to successfully complete an accredited EMT course. However, before you can begin your EMT course, you must first obtain your high school diploma or a GED. Once you have obtained your high school diploma or GED, you are then able to enroll in an EMT training and education course. Depending on what type of EMT you wish to become, the length of your EMT course may vary. The highest level of EMT training takes about one or two years to complete. After you have completed your EMT course, you will be able to sit for your NREMT exam. If you successfully complete your NREMT exam, you will be prepared to enter the workforce as a Nationally Registered EMT.
What does the title of "EMT- entail?
Depending on what type of EMT you become, your work can become more in depth. However, regardless of what type of EMT you become there are certain aspects of the job you will have to endure. For instance, an EMT of any level lifts heavy items on a regular basis. You will also be working forty or more hours per week, and be required to work in all different types of weather. You will be continuously viewing situations that may not go over well with someone who has a weak stomach, so it is important to make sure you can handle the emergency situations you may be put in because they can be unpredictable.
What kind of a lifestyle can you expect to have when you become an EMT?
The median annual earnings of an EMT are about $32,000. However, this annual income could fluctuate depending on the training and the type of EMT title that an individual has obtained and the type of facility that the individual is employed. The job outlook for an EMT is expected to rise continually. An EMT may earn higher wages if the individual decides to become an EMT course instructor, dispatcher, or directors and supervisors of the EMT squad.

By Rita Henry
Get EMT Jobs, Contributing Editor

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