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Volunteer Opportunities for Rural EMTs

Are you searching for advancement opportunities as an EMT? The EMT profession is a crucial component to our nation"s health care system. With the current economy, many EMTs are looking for options for generating additional income within their field. Individuals are also pulling together to assist their neighbours in financial need. So, many EMTs are offering their services on a volunteer basis to those communities around them in need.
Rural Challenges
Within rural communities, it is often expensive to keep EMT staffed on a full time basis. There are fewer tax dollars available to support local community health programs as well as funding for important public services. In addition to the financial challenges, it is also hard to find qualified EMT professionals who are willing to work within the region due to the reduced patient volume.
The types of patients found within a rural community are also often different both in demographics and their overall medical needs. Rural communities often have a higher population of aging residents as well as residents who may not seek medical care on a routine basis. This lack of focus on health maintenance often creates an increase in serious health conditions, some of which could have been prevented.
EMT Solutions
Most rural communities cannot afford to keep EMTs staffed on a full time basis due to financial restrictions. So, many EMTs also offer their services on a volunteer basis. This volunteer time allows communities in need to receive the medical attention required, and can make a significant impact on the quality of life for the residents. Be sure to speak with your current employer before engaging in this activity, but as long as your volunteer work does not interfere with your employment contract, most employers are supportive of the concept of giving back.

By Michelle Simmons
Get EMT Jobs, Contributing Editor

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